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Expertly Installed Home Elevators & Wheelchair Lifts in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Purchase one of our top-notch home elevators or wheelchair lifts in Fort Wayne, Indiana, to add more convenience to your life. Alternative Accessibility Lifts wants to help you when it comes to making the perfect decision.

Home Elevators

Home elevators are designed to meet the need for a scaled-down, less-expensive elevator for two- and three-story buildings, where elevator usage would be limited. Our team installs and services a variety of home elevators to fit your individual needs.

Wheelchair Lifts

Whether you want to overcome a single step or bypass two floors entirely, our wheelchair lifts offer a smooth, quiet ride with a lower profile and smaller footprint. This solution is a less costly alternative to elevators or unsightly ramps.
Elevator in Home - Home Elevators
Make sure you select the wheelchair lifts that best fit your needs from portable, self-enclosed, partial hoist way, hoist way, or inclined models. We install and service a variety of wheelchair lifts to satisfy all your wishes.

Stair Lifts

When climbing the stairs becomes difficult, there's no need to go through the hassle and expense of leaving the home you love for the sake of mobility. A stair lift from Bruno Independent Living Aids is a simple solution and safe alternative to stairs. It allows you to maintain your independence without making any dramatic changes to your life or structural changes to your home. With models to fit any budget, our stair lifts are a convenient solution.

Residential Dumbwaiters

A dumbwaiter for your home is such a great feature to have present! Residential dumbwaiters are perfect for transporting everything from trash to laundry and groceries in a residential application.

Commercial Dumbwaiters

Commercial dumbwaiters are perfect for lifting medical or legal records, prepared food, wheeled carts, firewood, or groceries and laundry in the office space. We install and service a variety of dumbwaiters to meet your specific needs.
Contact us in Fort Wayne, Indiana, to eliminate the mobility stress in your life with home elevators and wheelchair lifts from our company.